Servicing Shopping Mall Doors in Victoria

Invest in professional door repairs and maintenance to ensure long-lasting performance, ease of use and trouble – free operation of your shopping centre doors. And if you’re looking to upgrade or replace your door systems, we at Ultimate Doors also have you covered with our supply and installation solutions.

Common Issues with Shopping Centre Doors

Your shop entrance doors experience heavy foot traffic every day. Wear and tear and damage caused by high activity and outdoor exposure, such as cracks, bent frames, alignment issues, warping and corrosion, are inevitable in this scenario.

Door warping and alignment problems can come from regular use or misuse over time. Leaving bent frames unfixed can give an easy crack for anyone to break into your shopping centre. Corrosion can lead to the door rusting and becoming brittle. All these reflect poorly on your business and put stall owners, shop – goers, assets and overall security at risk.

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Services We Provide

Our technicians can perform efficient and reliable repairs, scheduled maintenance and replacements of many types of commercial doors – not just mall entrance doors. Understanding that your operations rely heavily on your entrances and accessways, we
guarantee to finish the job promptly and with minimal disruptions.

Besides repair and servicing, we supply and install high quality, sturdy doors. Ultimate Doors can also help upgrade your commercial property’s security by installing smart locks.

Looking for Door Service Technicians in Melbourne?

When you’re in search of technicians to service your doors, go for specialists with over 35 years of experience servicing manual and automatic commercial doors across various industries. Expect fast response times for emergency repairs and efficient servicing from qualified door specialists. We cater to all commercial clients in Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula, Geelong and rural Victoria. Contact us today via our online enquiry form or call our friendly team on 0413 009 070.

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