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Needless, costly door replacements can be avoided by having your doors repaired and maintained by experienced and qualified tradesmen like our team at Ultimate Doors. With over 35 years of industry experience, we can identify and assess the level of damage your door has and provide appropriate repair solutions. We specialise in fixing various doors for commercial establishments, such as fire doors, smoke doors and exit doors.

Common Door Damages Requiring Professional Repair

While commercial doors are built to be more durable, industrial, and secure, they are still prone to wear and tear due to frequent usage. These doors experience common issues that require professional repairs such as:

  • worn-out rollers
  • broken springs and hinges
  • damaged cables and tracks
  • malfunctioning safety features
  • lock issues

These problems can be complicated for the ordinary handyman and require specialised knowledge and tools to be fixed.

Whether the situation calls for changing faulty parts, refurbishing a damaged door, or aluminium door repairs in Melbourne, you can count on us for quality and professional service. Our maintenance and service plans provide audits for fire doors, smoke doors, and emergency exit doors, with quarterly, half-yearly and annual audits as required. Our technicians are also highly skilled and qualified to ensure your doors comply with the latest Australian Standards.

Emergency & General Door Repairs

Damaged or faulty commercial and industrial doors require quick fixing to ensure your operations remain secure and seamless. You can rely on Ultimate Doors to be on-site promptly to secure your facility with our emergency door repairs in Melbourne. With our wealth of experience, we can guarantee that our technicians work efficiently to provide reliable solutions in as little time as possible.

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As soon as you see signs of your door malfunctioning, get in touch with us right away. Whether you require fire door repairs or front door repairs in Melbourne, we guarantee that your doors will be in perfect working condition as soon as possible.

With our warehouse located in Keysborough, commercial and industrial properties across Melbourne can rely on us for quick repairs and replacements. Contact us or call 0413 009 070 today.

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