Servicing High-traffic Doors in Restaurants & Foodservice Businesses

Restaurants and other foodservice shops get quite the traffic, with front doors welcoming a constant flow of patrons, wait staff passing through swinging doors nearly non-stop, and kitchen doors accommodating busy cooks. Heavy activity can wear even the most durable commercial doors when not maintained. Hence, it’s critical to look after your restaurant doors to ensure your operations remain efficient.

Enlist the help of professional door technicians like the team at Ultimate Doors to keep your doors functional and safe to use. As commercial door specialists, you can contact us if your accessways need repairs, maintenance or updating.

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What We Can Do for Restaurant Swinging Doors & Kitchen Doors

While commercial restaurant doors are designed to support high traffic volume, even the most durable ones can deteriorate without proper maintenance. At Ultimate Doors, we can:

  • provide professional repairs
  • schedule routine maintenance checks
  • supply and replace doors, if repairs do not suffice

Industrial and commercial-grade kitchen and swing doors are specialised fixtures and require specific fitting to support the needs of a busy restaurant. If you’re renovating or need to replace your doors, it’s best to consult specialists for proper fitting and installation.

Improve Security through Smart Technology

Restaurant entrances can be more than just an architectural aesthetic for your customers to look at and admire. You can also ensure your premises are properly protected by installing smart lock systems for your restaurant front doors. We have an array of smart door technology services at Ultimate Doors that can benefit your business.

Reliable Solutions for Restaurant Doors in Melbourne & Other Victoria Areas

We have over 35 years of experience handling various types of commercial doors across different industries. Whether you run a fine dining restaurant, a cafe, coffee shop, diner, pub or fast food place, you can rely on us for expert door services.

Foodservice businesses in Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula, Geelong, and rural Victoria areas can call us if they need their restaurant kitchen doors and shopfront doors serviced. Let’s discuss your needs today! Contact our team or call us at 0413 009 070.

Any questions? Get in contact and we’d be happy to help.

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