Expert Smoke Door Installation, Repair & Maintenance

When a fire breaks out, you rely on your smoke doors to help contain the spread of smoke or toxic gas to other areas of the building. This minimises damage to the property, reduces gas and smoke exposure to the occupants, and allows a safe evacuation route for them.

At Ultimate Doors, we can help you ensure the smoke doors in your commercial, industrial, or residential building will provide adequate protection if the unthinkable does happen.

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Complete Solutions for Smoke Doors in Melbourne

Ensuring your smoke doors are properly installed and maintained to remain fully functional and compliant is crucial in protecting your assets and building occupants in the event of a fire. The Ultimate Doors team can help you handle your unique smoke door requirements, such as:

• Installation of new smoke doors
• Replacement of existing smoke doors
• Maintenance and repair of damaged or non-compliant smoke doors
• Comprehensive audits of existing smoke doors

We service smoke doors for Melbourne residences and commercial properties.

Superior & Compliant Smoke Doors

Our doors are manufactured and tested according to safety standards that comply with the Building Code of Australia. Furthermore, our guidelines for installation, maintenance, and repairs adhere to Australian fire protection laws.

Whether you need new smoke doors or to replace existing smoke doors, our team of experienced tradesmen can provide reliable and professional installation work that ensures compliance with fire safety regulations.

Guarantee Safety with Reliable Door Services

Proper installation, reliable repairs, and consistent maintenance by qualified door technicians are a must to guarantee safety within your establishment.

At Ultimate Doors, our team of certified and highly skilled technicians has over 35 years of experience handling different door requirements. Besides smoke-proof doors, we also service commercial and industrial doors, fire doors, emergency exits, factory escape doors, and pivot doors.

Ultimate Doors can repair, replace or install…

Fire Doors

Fire Doors

Smoke Doors

Smoke Doors

Solid Core/Timber Doors

Solid Core/Timber Doors

Pivot Doors

Pivot Doors

Aluminium Doors

Aluminium Doors

Metal Clad Doors

Metal Clad Doors

Frequently Asked Questions About Smoke Doors

What is the purpose of smoke doors?

The ultimate purpose of smoke doors is to prevent the spread of smoke and toxic fumes from one room into the next. As smoke doors are designed to be airtight, smoke is unable to travel through their frames, slowing down the spread of fire.

Smoke doors also provide an additional layer of safety for those trapped inside buildings during the spread of a fire. As smoke can become dangerous faster than fire can, they allow for a greater response time for occupants to evacuate.

Where are smoke doors required?

As per the Australian Business Code Board, businesses are legally required to ensure an exit facing smoke door is installed on each story of a commercial building. Buildings must install no less than two smoke doors on exits regardless of the size and capacity of the building. Smoke doors must provide access to an escape route such as a stairwell, hallway or exit bay, and are not required on doors that provide access to the outdoors.

How do you seal a door against smoke?

Doors can be sealed against smoke and toxic fumes by installing a smoke seal. To ensure compliance, all smoke doors must be outfitted with the correct associated smoke seal. Smoke seals can be easily installed using the heat-resistant adhesive provided.

To ensure your smoke seal is properly installed and functioning, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions of the door you’re installing.

Do smoke doors need to be tagged?

As per the Building Act 1975, all buildings that have been approved since 1976 are required to be fitted with tags. This also applies to any doors, door frames, smoke seals and hardware that was replaced after 1976. This ensures all smoke doors are properly installed, inspected and maintained and that they remain functioning in the event of an emergency.

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