As a place where children and staff gather, educational institutions are obliged to provide a safe and secure learning environment. Part of creating this kind of atmosphere is ensuring they have safe, high-quality and durable accessways within the school.

Let our team help you make your institute a safer space. Ultimate Doors offers its reliable door maintenance services for all school facilities in Victoria.

Solutions Offered for Commercial School Doors: Maintenance & Servicing

Schools are high-traffic, active areas, and as such, doors are prone to wear and tear and deterioration from weather, high use and rough handling. Leaving doors unchecked for damage or deterioration is hazardous to students and staff members — they may cause accidents and injuries or allow easier entry for intruders.

Our team of highly skilled and certified technicians are here to make sure your commercial school doors are safe, fully operational and compliant with Australian Standards. We offer scheduled inspections, maintenance and service programs to reinforce the durability of your school doors and help ensure your institution provides an environment where students feel safe and can succeed. If needed, we can also replace, install, and repair doors.

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Guaranteed Quality Work Built from Knowledge & Experience

Based in the suburb of Keysborough — which is home to several schools ranging from public to private and primary to secondary institutions — Ultimate Doors has the extensive knowledge and experience to fix the common problems with school doors and create a maintenance plan appropriate for the establishment.

We take pride in our expertise — we are a locally owned and operated business with over 35 years of experience servicing doors for commercial establishments. Give us a call so we can discuss the best option for your school door maintenance program and if any of our other services can help you. You can reach us at 0413 009 070 or fill in our online inquiry form and we’ll contact you.

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