Glass doors are a stunning and practical accent, perfect for any business, workshop or home development, but only if they’re kept in working order.

As glass is more fragile than other traditional materials, it’s essential to enlist the help of a professional when you need repairs, maintenance and replacements. At Ultimate Doors, we have a team experienced in glass door repairs, ready to assist your business when needed. Our team comes insured and with all the tools needed to get your doors functioning quickly and effectively.

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Common Types of Glass Door Repairs

When it comes to glass doors, there are several types of common repairs ranging from as simple as track jams to as complex as pane replacements. With sliding glass doors, it’s common for damage to occur in the track of the door frame, leading to doors that are hard to maneuver and even doors that remain stuck open. Similar damage can occur with handles and hardware that experience frequent use, especially in office and business environments.

Cracked and damaged glass is also a common repair required, especially in high-traffic areas. Whether you need a single pane replaced, or the entire glass door, Ultimate Doors is here to help. Our knowledgeable team is well-versed in several types of repairs and can diagnose and solve problems once they arrive at your location.

Trust the Professionals at Ultimate Doors

While it can be tempting to try and assess and repair doors on your own, not only can this be dangerous when working with glass, but can result in further and more expensive repairs being needed. Enlisting a professional service ensures the proper tools and techniques are used to repair your doors, without further damage being done. When choosing a door repair service, choose the professionals at Ultimate Doors.

We understand that at times, repairs can mean business downtime, especially when it comes to main service points and major exits. Our team is happy to work around peak business hours to ensure your repairs happen quickly, without us slowing down operations.

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